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NCC Retail provide a high-quality concession management service for some of the UK’S leading retail brands.
We offer an alternative route to retail by combining our experience of the market with our understanding of customer needs in a high footfall environment. Using NCC Retail opens a whole new world of possibilities for manufacturers, brands and suppliers alike.
In a time where fast fashion is all the rage, and e-commerce is becoming more and more prevalent, the delay caused by the traditional distribution model can be problematic. So the concession allows for suppliers to sell directly to consumers, and yet it comes with many benefits that the stand-alone store doesn’t have.



NCC Retail can offer your brand:

  • The concession model offers the brand a unique balance of prestige by association with the department store and individuality through distinguished brand identification.
  • It gives brands more flexibility than opening stand-alone stores, including financial flexibility.
  • The concession model means department stores get to keep their customers under one roof, and can find several ways to market the concessions as a new feature of their store, which can add interest and a sense of excitement to the department store.
  • Concessions arguably enhance the shopping experience, like with the unique “pop-in” concept, where concessions take up temporary residences, offering shoppers something seemingly exclusive.


Why work with NCC Retail:

  • Potential retail opportunities in over 400 stores across the UK
  • Over 30 years experience in the clothing industry
  • Running concessions in a number of stores across the UK for over 20 years
  • Direct route to retail
  • Increased turnover
  • No fixed overheads
  • No rent, no rates, no staff, no shop fits


. We will take care of all your retail concessions needs. Whether you are a brand or retail supplier

Our services


Using our extensive knowledge of the market, we can help with the selection of products. This process is very much part of the initial engagement but the most important from a product perspective. We know where the product will sell and marrying the right product to the right retailer is essential.


Having over 15 years retail pitching experience NCC have all the tools needed to get the products instore. This opportunity is key to the success of the clothing brand. We arrange and implement the initial presentation and use our expertise to make sure it hits the target first time. We handle all the commercial issues and presentations.


Our team are in touch on a daily basis with the stores to ensure the best relationship and the best presentation of the goods. We also visit the stores to ensure the smooth running of the concession and deal with any product issues.


We can implement and coordinate retailers sales and promotion with all our manufacturers and recommend the discount levels for individual promotions. Our understanding of both the retailer and the manufacturer helps both sides get the best out of a promotion.

Full service

30+ years in retail

Don’t return stock

Personal service


“We’d had the brand Paco UK Leisurewear for several years. After a conversation with NCC we decided to use the brand and launch our first range in Autumn / Winter 2013.

NCC took on a vital role in the development of the brand, building the range, helping with pricing structures and opening our first concessions. NCC have been a great help in all aspects of developing the brand and Paco UK Leisurewear has gone from strength to strength.

I can honestly say, that without NCC’s help and guidance Paco UK Leisurewear would still be just a registered name”

David Woods – Paco UK Leisurewear


. PRODUCT SELECTION, RETAIL PRESENTATION, CONCESSION MANAGEMENT & SALES AND PROMOTIONS offering a full concessions service for up and coming and established brands.


Some of the brands we are working with include:

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We work with a number of clients including a number of high street department stores and out of town outlets such as:

  • Boundary Mill

  • Tweed Mill Shopping

  • Double Two

  • The Mill Batley

  • Edinburgh Woollen Mill

  • The Midcounties Co-operative

  • TJ Hughes

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NCC Retail,

3 King Street
WF14 8AW


01924 495321


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